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This is a page kept to keep track of my various sales and trade posts. This is for Pokemon stuff mostly,but in time I will also make posts for the rest of the things I am trying to sell.

Plushies,Figures,Charms & Misc Items: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13646573.html
English Trading Cards - B/W Era and Earlier: http://shadoweon.livejournal.com/73053.html
English Trading Cards- X/Y Era: http://shadoweon.livejournal.com/72845.html
Other Flats: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18052722.html


My Little Pony:

Various Character Items:

Animal Figures/Statues:

Animal Plushies:

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Neopets Sales

Neopets Sales!
All of these plush are TTO,conditions varry- most are in good condition but some of the mcdonald's plush have a little bit of pilling. None have any visable stains or tears though.

Prices do not include shipping. US Shipping Starts at $3.50 (will be a bit more for Cybunny.), $14 international.

Large Yellow Cybunny (about 14in)- $10
Electric Wocky- $6
Island Bruce- $5
Christmas Bruce- $5
Blue Elephante- $3

White Uni- $4
Strawberry Usul- $5

Mcdonalds Pets:

$1 each- Blue Scorchio (Has visable pilling but is in otherwise fair condition)
$2 each- Everyone else
Or get ALL for $12 + shipping

You can buy all neopets in my sales post for $40 + shipping,if its of interest.
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Animal Figures For Sale/Trade

Terra by Battat Wolf- $5
Nyab Arctic Wolf- $3 OBO
Bullyland Wolves- $5 for Howling, $4 for Cub OR get both for $8

CollectA Siberian Husky- $8
Schleich Collie- $7.25

Safari LTD. Doe and Fawn- $5 for set
Safari LTD. Bald Eagle- $4

Safari LTD. German Shepherd-
Safari LTD. German Shepherd Pup-
Safari LTD. Rough Collie-
Safari LTD. Rough Collie Pup-

Safari LTD. Corgi-

Safari LTD Parrots- Offer
Schleich Blue and Gold Macaw- $4
Mini Terra Animals- $3 for Caribou, $2 for the others

Kayiodo Nudibranch- $2.50
Kayiodo Cat- $3
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(no subject)

Pre-Ordered Items, need to set money aside for these.

Umbreon Moncelle Get $7 + Shipping
Vulpix Figure Charm $6 + Shipping
$13 + Shipping

Leafeon Moncelle Get- $7 + Shipping
Mimikyu Tomy-Style Figure ???
Alolan Vulpix Candy Figure - $7 + Shipping
Dusk Lycanroc Candy Figure- $7 + Shipping
Mimikyu Kid Figure (Clear)- $5 + shipping
Dusk Lycanroc Kid Figure- $6 + shipping
Total: $32 + Shipping
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It's been a long time since i've done this but I thought I would basically do a re-intro about myself. Some things I have told before, some things I haven't. Some i've told before but didn't include details. So here we go.

I'm a 22 year old girl living in Northern Virginia, about an hour or so from Washington DC. I have lived here since the summer of 2004, before that I lived in Southern Maryland.

I currently live with my mom,dog and two birds as well as a longtime friend and his dog. He lives here as a boarder basically. He's been living here for about two years. We knew each other online for many years before this, but he lived on the West coast so I wasn't able to see him in person then.He's someone who is like an older brother figure to me. I don't know how much longer he will stay though,he wants to get his own place again.

I live a somewhat isolated life but I do have some online friends. I have a boyfriend that i've been with for quite a few years long-distance/online,although we haven't met in person yet. I don't always get to talk to him as much as i'd like to but i'm thankful to have him in my life. <3 I hope I can see him in person soon.

As far as hobbies go i'm in the furry fandom,my fursona is a Mightyena named Kura (pronounced cure-a). I used to get comissions of her but its been awhile since i've gotten a new one. I just can't really afford it right now but someday i'd like to get things of her again.

Aside from that I play pokemon, watch anime and read manga. I also like to collect things,especially plushies and Pokemon merchandise. I used to draw alot when I was in school but since i've been out of school I haven't done it all that often now. I still sketch things ocassionally but I rarely finish them. Just don't really feel inspired I guess. I also like learning new things about animals and looking at pictures of them

Something else I do for fun is I like to take photos of some of my plushies and figurines. Mostly do this indoors but sometimes I do this outdoors as well.

Not all of my life is as happy as i'd like it to be, but i've been trying to not focus on those things so much.  I am hoping things will turn out okay. <3
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Disney Merchandise Sales Post

Prices do not include shipping. From pet friendly but smoke free home.


Disney Store Oswald- $8
Disney Store Mini Dug- $5
WDW Jack and Zero set- $20

Disney Store Chesire Cats- $7 each OBO
WDW Chesire Cat Beanie- $6
Lion King Plush- $18 for ALL or
Just Play Adult Simba- $5
Mattel Cub Simba- $5
Nala Set (WDW + Just Play)- $8 for both or $2 for mini nala, $7 for WDW nala

WDW Mickey and Minnie Set- $6
WDW Donald- $4.50
Disney Store Laying Bolt Plush- $11

Tsum Tsum Vinyl Figures by Jakks Pacific:

Small: Aladdin- $1.50
Medium: Cruella- $2
Large: Iago- $3, Color Pops (Walmart Exclusive)- $3.50 each


Misc figures and other items:

Frozen Fashems- $2.50 each
WDW/Animal Kingdom Pluto Figurine- $3
Mickey Mouse Voodo Doll Keychain (from WDW)- $4
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(no subject)

I've been spending today photographing some of my newer Pokemon figures. It's been kinda fun actually. With plushies it's more difficult to find the right lighting/background so I don't always like how those ones turn out.

But it seems like it's easier with figures, I guess because they are small. I took all of these on my windowsill this morning!

I'm starting to photograph my vinyl Tsum Tsum figure collection as well:

Not sure if I should catalog these individually or just go by movie/series, might take awhile if I choose the first option. XD

The forecast is calling for a chance of snow tomorrow, hope it sticks if it does. I could take some outdoor snow photos again then.
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Tsum Tsum Vinyl Wish-List

Series 1:

Small: Tigger,Piglet,

Medium: Mickey,Olaf,Tigger,Anna

Large:Minnie Mouse, Donald,Pluto,Eeyore,Piglet

Series 2:

Small: Thumper,Bing-Bong,Baymax,Ariel

Medium: Thumper,Buzz,Baymax

Large: Thumper

Series 3:

Small: Kristoff,Miss Bunny,Lady,Lucky ,Cleo


Large: Miss Bunny,Lady

Series 4:

Small: Simba, Jack,Pumba,Zero

Medium: Simba,Timon,Pumba,Zero,Ugly Duckling

Large: Simba

Black and white:

Mini: Mickey,Minney

Medium: Mickey

Large: Mickey,Minnie

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And so 2017 begins

Christmas and such went pretty good this year (err..last year I guess),although it wasn't all that eventful. I was just at home for the most part but we did go see my Aunt and Uncle on Christmas day. My roomate/friend came along again because he and my Uncle actually have some simular interests as it would turn out.

I don't have any resolutions for 2017 and things haven't changed all that much from this time last year but i'm going to try to be more social, online atleast. When I was younger I used to be better with that kind of thing. I don't think i'm going to post too many "life" updates here for awhile but I will still post about plushies or other things every now and then.

If something interesting happens I probably will post about it but I imagine super mundane stuff isn't all that interesting to read about anyways. ^^;
Here are my first plushie additions of 2017! I only actually paid for one of these though. The Beanie Boos my mom got at Hallmark (where she works part time) with some coupons that she had. The other two are Lelly/National Geographic Panthers. I ordered one with some money I got from relatives over the holidays from ToysRUs.com and ended up with two. I was only charged for one and my order form says I only ordered one so its just some kind of weird mistake I guess!
They have slight differences to them even though they are technically the same plush. The one on the right is about an inch shorter than the other one, oddly enough. I don't have names for them but I feel like I should come up with something since they are a pair.

That's about all I can think to mention for now though. I'm still working on selling things I don't want, i've made some progress but I still have alot of things left to clear out.  Hope everyone is hanging in there okay. <3
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It turns out I will be seeing my Aunt and Uncle on Thanksigiving after all, they called a few days ago to invite us. They said my friend/roomate could come with us if he had nowhere else to be this year so he's coming along too.

So, that will be something a little different I guess. Other than that i've mainly been playing Pokemon Moon! I haven't  beat the game yet but here is my team currently:

Probably not going to be keeping Zygarde 10% on my team, haven't yet picked a 6th team member officially. These games are pretty different than the previous games, lots and lots of cutscenes. o.o;

If anyone wants to add me on my 3DS that hasn't already my friend code is 3265-5185-2418.

But yeah that's about all that's going on for me lately. Going to start decorating my room for Xmas over the next few days probably. Hope everyone else has a good day,even if you're not celebrating the holiday or aren't doing much. <3