September 22nd, 2021

Walking Kura Icon

Reference Description for Kura (my fursona)

References for Kura (Pronounced cure-a):
Please keep in mind the following- her scar goes diagonally across her face, not just along one eye/side. She is also light gray NOT white, I have had this issue alot.  >_<

Ref Sheet-

Note: Her hair should be a bit longer than shown here, it's draped over her shoulders in the ref sheet so this can be a bit deceptive. The hair length in the feral image linked below is accurate for both her anthro and feral form.
Other images-

Fashion style for clothing is open to artist's choosing but generally dresses in emo/punk/otherwise alternative influenced styles or lolita. Things like kigus would be cute too!

No set reference sheet but this picture gets her feral form just about perfect:
She's meant to be pretty purely wolf like but her ears and tail are a little longer than a realistic wolf's. She has a tall, slender body type. Prominent black claws. Pink paw pads.