shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

Todayallinia's christmas exchange stuff arrived. <3 So with that, I got something from everyone in the exchange but one person.

I got: two candy canes ( one was broken though so I didn't include it in the photo), three pokemon candies, some sort of cookie-type item from the pokemon center, a card (that has audino pokedoll stickers on it) and an oshawott "racer" toy thingie.

None of this is duplicate stuff, so that is good too.I like the oshawott-but what is it?XD

I think it is one of those items that 7-11 sells in Japan during the summer when a new pokemon movie is out,but i'm not sure. If it is,does anyone know what company made it and the year? (Need to know this for my collection website.)

But regardless,thank you to allina and everyone that gave me anything as a part of this Christmas exchange, I had fun with it. I'll do it again next year if people are interested. ^^
Tags: christmas, exchanges, photo, pokemon

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