shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

Christmas Cards!

I thought i'd share photos of the xmas cards I received up until now since Christmas is coming up pretty soon!

First up we have pheonixxfoxx's :
In addition to the cute and unique card, I got two stickers:

Thank you! I have to be so careful not to loose the Flareon one,its so tiny. @_@

Second we have korth's:
I love the awesome Kura drawing,thank you very much. ^^

Then we have ktmonkeyj's:
that included an adorable swadloon inside :3-
(Ps,yes of course I will keep this one too. X3)

And lastly we have tamago226's:
For some reason the card fell apart,oops. D: Thank you for the trading cards! I have most of them, but the reverse foil mightyena is new. <3 This is the first reverse foil of all of my poochyena and mightyena cards,oddly enough!

My mom had mailed out cards for all of our family as well but we only got one in return so far,so that's a bit disappointing. Oh well. :c Thank you everyone. <3

Tags: christmas, exchanges, holidays, kura, pokemon

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