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2013 Holiday Card/Gift exchange Sign Ups!

I know its a bit early, but I'm kind of in the spirits now. For the past two years, I've done a small card/gift exchange here on LJ. I would like to continue the tradition again this year!  =D

This year, I can't buy too much for people but I have quite a few things that I can still give away such as: MLP stuff, Pokemon cards + a few other Pokemon items, animal figures and plushies! (In addition to small Christmas items like candy and ornaments.)

To give me an idea of what to give everyone please fill out this little questionnaire when signing up:

What are your favorite Pokemon? Are you looking for any Pokemon Cards in particular? (English only,sorry)
Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If so, what are your favorite characters? Are you looking for any merch in particular?
What are your favorite types of animals?
What are your favorite colors?
Do you have any Christmas items that you like in particular?
What kinds of candy do you like?
(Please let me know if you have any allergies)

Feel free to mention something else if you would like,you can share wish-lists too- I just can't promise I will be able to get things off of them.

If you just want a plain card with nothing else,that's fine too! Just let me know.  If you don't like Pokemon or MLP, just don't answer those questions.

Lastly: If you would like me to draw anything for you, such as OC's/fursonas - link refs please! I will need everyones' addresses again as well!

Here is my wish-list:

You have plenty of time to sign up, so no rush for those interested. It's okay if you can't send your card until after Christmas for some reason. ♥
Tags: christmas, exchanges, holidays

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