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2013 Holiday Wish-List!

What are your favorite Pokemon? Are you looking for any Pokemon Cards in particular? Poochyena and Mightyena of course! I also like the majority of canine pokemon (especially eeveeloutions) , feline pokemon,swadloon, the Oshawott line (samurott is my fav,followed by oshawott), xerneas,deerling line,unown,goomy line,honchkrow,talonflame, etc.

As for TCG Cards:

Foreign language and/or reverse holo cards of Poochyena/Mightyena would be awesome! Duplicates are okay in the case of those two since they are my absolute favorite. ^^ (In english or otherwise)

In general, english cards from Ruby/Sapphire onward are fine as long as I don't have them. I would like all cards from both the Japanese and english versions of the "Shiny Collection" set.

Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If so, what are your favorite characters? Are you looking for any merch in particular? Yeah, I do! My favorite chars are Rainbow Dash, Luna/Nightmare Moon and DJ-Pon (Vinyl Scratch). I also kind of like Queen Chrystialis.   The only one I actually collect is Rainbow Dash though.

What are your favorite types of animals? Wolves are my top favorite. But I also like foxes,deer,birds (especially parrots,owls and crows/ravens), wild cats and mustelids ( like otters,ferrets,weasels).

In addition to that I have a soft spot for almost all arctic/tundra animals.  I adore Serrows & Nudibranches (sea slugs)!

What are your favorite colors? Blue (especially aqua-like tones), Black,Burgandy, Silver (gray is pretty cool too) + Neon colors like hot pink!

Do you have any Christmas items that you like in particular? I'm really not too picky but I always like plushies(unless its musical) and oranments. Candy is fun too!  I tend to get stuff with reindeer and penguins on them.  Of course,Xmas Pokemon merch is adorable!

What kinds of candy do you like? Gummy/Jelly candies, fruit or mint flavored hard candy, milk chocolate, twizzlers, etc. I don't like things with nuts in them, or Cinnamon flavored candy. I love grape flavored things!  I like chocoloate oranges alot too.

Now i'll post my wish-lists, i'm not really expecting anything but it doesn't hurt to post I guess. =p

As for pokemon stuff, you can see my WIP wish-lists here:

As for non-pokemon stuff:
One of my main collections aside from pokemon is plushies! Realistic animal ones for the most part. My main focus is wolves,foxes- and to a lesser extent- huskies. Side focuses include deer and brand-specific plush.

Brands: Leosco- (which includes S.O.S, Uni-toys, and sorta includes Webkinz signatures) & Douglas Cudddle Toys. I also like older K&M/Wild Republic plush (like cuddlekins back when they used nicer material). Its near impossible to get in the US but anything WWF/Anna-Club (Mimex) is amazing also.

Huskies: +
Webkinz Signatures:
Dogulas Cuddle Toys:

There other specific ones, but I would have to link those. If its not listed and I don't have it, that's cool too! Just ask if you want to know if I do or don't have a particular plushie. These lists were made for a reference,but it would be awesome to get one from someone! It's okay if something no longer has its hang tag as long as it still has its rear/butt tag (lol).

A newer collection I have is that of animal figures. I like any Kaiyodo animal figures, but otherwise i'm just looking for these:

Beyond that, I like animal encyclopedias/field guides,wolf stuff, naturey decor,tokidoki,japanese culture/items such as good-luck cats and anything Studio Ghibli. I also like Disney!

Here's my book wish-list if anyone would like to look at it:

Totally random,but i'm also looking for this little guy here:

If anyone would like to draw something of my fursona character Kura, you can view her references here:

(Her hair is supposed to be atleast at her shoulder, but really it should be somewhat longer, although sometimes people draw it as pretty short. >.< It can be more in her face/emo looking than it is in some pics if you want ( I would prefer this-my icon for this post shows what I mean) Don't forget her cheek markings and scar placement!)but really it should be somewhat longer, although sometimes people draw it as pretty short. >.< It can be more in her face/emo looking than it is in some pics if you want. Don't forget her cheek markings and scar placement!)

If anyone would like to give me one of the Vivillons that I am still looking for in Pokemon X, that would be awesome too!
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