shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

An early christmas present :3

Target often has nice seasonal decorations,but some are much pricier than others. This year I saw this beautiful pair of large laying porcelain deer- but at $29.99 each, it was just too costly to buy them. They had less costly deer heads but I was not a fan of those,lol.

On Sunday we went to Target to do some grocery shopping (its a super target) & I noticed on the way out that that section of merchandise  was on clearance . Two does were still left over but I saw no clearance tag on them so I didn't get one.

On the next day, it would turn out that my mom forgot to buy something that she needed from there so we went back to the store. I went to see if the  laying deer were on sale at this point,the whole aisle was now 50% off...but both deer were now gone! :c I wouldn't have thought that something like that would sell out in less than 12 hours...

My mom said we could look at the other Target around us (its about 10 mins from this one) and at first it seemed really picked over. But hiding in the floral section was one last deer! So I got my doe after all. ^^ My mom paid for her for me as a Christmas present. <3

I will be keeping her out all year,especially since she goes well with the decor of my room. It says she's a reindeer but looks more like a white-tailed deer to me? o.o

I am thinking of giving her some sort of accessory for each season? What do you guys think?
Tags: christmas, my room, photo

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