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My Little Pony Sale/Trading Post (Updated 2/29/2020)

I can either sell or trade the items listed here. My MLP wishlist is here:,373164.0.html but i'd be happy to trade for pokemon items or animal plushies if they are of interest to me. Selling would be great too!

(Prices do not include shipping. Paypal only for payments please.)

NOTE: I am open to haggling if it will get a sale I wouldn't otherwise get. I really want to make space. However I reserve the right to refuse price offers I don't like.

Rainbow Dash (TTO)-$8
Ty Rainbow Dashes (hair could use some styling, both have all tags still attached)- $4 for medum, $2 for small clip

DJ-Pon3/Vinyl Scratch Funrise Plush Set (All tags are still attached)- $10
Aurora Dj-Pon3/Vinyl Scratch Plush (Hot Topic exclusive, NWT)-$10

Rainbow Dash Brushabe Regular Size- $2 or $3 w/ Squirrel Acessory
Princess Celestia (Pink) and Princess Luna *Target Exclusive*-  Pink Celestia- $5 OBO
SOLD: Princess Luna

Color In Rainbow Dash Figure- Has been colored a bit on mane with sharpie,otherwise is unfinished.- $6

Funko CupCake Keepsakes Rainbow Dash and DJ-Pon3-$5 Shipping will be a bit higher due to having to be shippied in a box *US SHIPPING ONLY*

US Mcdonald's Rainbow Dashes - $2 each

US Mcdonald's DJ-Pon3,Princess Luna,Princess Celestia- $3 each

Figure Topper Lipsticks- $3 each OBO Vinyl Scratch Lipstick- $1 (All have never been used)
SOLD: Black Rainbow Dash

Applejack Caketopper Figure (Does not come with Spoon)- $3
Has one small mark on underside of foot and on back of mane.

Applejack Puzzle Eraser- $2 MIP
Rainbow Dash Puzzle Eraser- $2
Blip Toys Pencil Topper Applejack Figure- $3.50 SOLD
Rainbow Dash Busy Book Figure-$5

Blind Bag Figures- $2 each OBO

SOLD: Solid Color Noteworthy,Applejack,Amethyst Star

Dog Tags- $2 each except for Discord and Princess Cadence/Shining Armor which are $3 (Open to offers on multiples/the whole lot if of interest.)
SOLD: Pinkie Pie

Buttons:- All are Fan Artist made except for the Vinyl Scratch/Dj-Pon3 one,which is official.

Small- $1 each
Medium- $2
Large- $3.50 each

Contact Vinyl Scratch/DJ-Pon3 Soap Label Sticker (Fan Made)- $0.25
Squirrel Acessory- $0.50
Tags: mlp:fim, sales

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