shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

First Collection Additions of 2016!

I thought I would show the first pokemon collection related thing I got as of the new year. :3 I pre-ordered this back in September or so,so it was already paid for. It's these three Ippai figures, initally  I was just going to get Charmander since that is the starter i've always used in the games but eh. I don't have much of the others so I thought i'd be nice to have something of the Kanto trio.

They look good together I think!  I have put my other Squirtle and Bulbasaur figures up for sale to make some room for these guys,hopefully I can sell them at some point within this year.

The first non pokemon collection related item I got was this pretty Yomiko Dreamers Rottweiler. I had found out about the line last year on a foreign website and really wanted to get some of them. I only found it for sale in the UK but the line is starting to move over here as well it seems! I don't know where this one came from though, someone I follow on DA bought some extra ones to sell so that's how I got this one. She's really pretty,isn't she? I think I want to give her some sort of Gem themed name.

I'm not sure how much collecting I will be doing in this year but when I do get something new I think i'll catalog it here. Livens up my journal a bit,you know? 
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