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I figured i'd post a little update journal today. I'm excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and am waiting for Friday to come so that I can pick up my copy of Moon. I don't really have alot going on in my day to day life so this will certainly help pass the time. :3

I'm not sure what I will be doing for Thanksgiving exactly, haven't heard from the family members I usually visit on the holidays in a few weeks.  My mom has tried to call them but haven't heard back, hopefully we will soon. My mom got a second job in September that she's not very fond of but she is still off on Thanksgiving Day since its at a court house.

I've been a little more active on twitter if anyone else is a member there:

None the less I still use LJ every day. I hope everyone else on my friend's list is doing alright, I know things have gotten quieter here as the years go on.

Also- I've been trying to do my outdoor figure photos again!:

Been using pokemon figures this time around, I think they've been turning out pretty well! My roomate/friend gave me his old camera since he got a new one for himself so I have a camera that's a little better quality now.
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