shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It turns out I will be seeing my Aunt and Uncle on Thanksigiving after all, they called a few days ago to invite us. They said my friend/roomate could come with us if he had nowhere else to be this year so he's coming along too.

So, that will be something a little different I guess. Other than that i've mainly been playing Pokemon Moon! I haven't  beat the game yet but here is my team currently:

Probably not going to be keeping Zygarde 10% on my team, haven't yet picked a 6th team member officially. These games are pretty different than the previous games, lots and lots of cutscenes. o.o;

If anyone wants to add me on my 3DS that hasn't already my friend code is 3265-5185-2418.

But yeah that's about all that's going on for me lately. Going to start decorating my room for Xmas over the next few days probably. Hope everyone else has a good day,even if you're not celebrating the holiday or aren't doing much. <3
Tags: games, holidays, pokemon
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