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Neopets Sales

Neopets Sales!
All of these plush are TTO,conditions varry- most are in good condition but some of the mcdonald's plush have a little bit of pilling. None have any visable stains or tears though.

Prices do not include shipping. US Shipping Starts at $3.50 (will be a bit more for Cybunny.), $14 international.

Large Yellow Cybunny (about 14in)- $10
Electric Wocky- $6
Island Bruce- $5
Christmas Bruce- $5
Blue Elephante- $3

White Uni- $4
Strawberry Usul- $5

Mcdonalds Pets:

$1 each- Blue Scorchio (Has visable pilling but is in otherwise fair condition)
$2 each- Everyone else
Or get ALL for $12 + shipping

You can buy all neopets in my sales post for $40 + shipping,if its of interest.
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