shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

Midori's gone.

My much loved Quaker parrot, Midori passed away overnight. I'm not ready or in the place to be able to type a full entry about it right now but he was shifting around in the middle of the night and I went to help him but then I went back to bed since its not safe to sleep with birds on the bed in case they move and get hurt but when I woke back up....he was dead on the bottom of his cage. I wish I had just held him all night reguardless of how much sleep I lost but I didn't know.

He was only 8 years old. He desereved so much better and I wish I was there for him more.

Midori (April 2012- August 9th,2020)

Goodbye my sweet little bird, i'll always miss you and love you.
Tags: life, midori, pets, photo

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