shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote,

Pokemon Wish-List (WIP)

This is a work in progress. Will update over time.


Bandai Clip/Mini Keychain Charms (ISO all except for Eeevee, clip version is preferred but not required.)
Espeon and Umbreon WCT Plush (Will buy seperately or together,either way is fine.)
Soda Au Lait Plush (Except for Umbreon,which I already own.)

Fit Plush: Eevee,Vapreon,Flareon,Jolteon,Umbreon,Espeon

Takara Tomy Arts Fuzzy Plush- Eevee,Jolteon,Vaporeon and Flareon (Flareon is most wanted of the group)

Flareon Gallery Figure (Must include box) *highly wanted*

The Following Kid Variants:

Oshawott,Dewott & Samurott:

Dewott Pokedoll (Japanese Version)
Mini Dewott Pokedoll

Rockruff and Lycanroc:

Pokemon Center Pins (Want all, have none currently)

Angry Eye Banpresto Rockruff Plush (Lowest Priority)

Bootleg Shiny Pokemon Center Dusk and Midnight Lycanroc Plush

Misc: Gen 1 Pokemon:

Bigmore Arcanine Plush (Most wanted)
Sanei Arcanine Plush
Growlithe FIT Plush (US Or Japanese version,doesn't matter which one)
WCT Growlithe Figure (Regular Version only- Already own Metallic)
Growlithe and Arcanine Kid Figures that I don't already own (Don't want clear versions.)

Dragonite & Dratini Pokemon Center Plush
Banpresto DX Porygon plush
Tomy Legacy Raichu Plush

Fit Plush: Meowth, Seel,Dewgong,Vulpix,Poliwag,Polywhirl,Pikachu,Raichu

MIsc Gen 2 Pokemon:
Ampharos Kid Figure

Fit Plush: Murkrow,Sneasel, Ampharos,Sunkern,Sunflora,Furret

Corsola Pokedex Charm

Corsola Summer Figure

Misc Gen 3 Pokemon:

Flygon Sanei All-Star Plush

Pokedex Charms: Flygon, Zigzagoon,Linoone,Solrock, Wingull,Pellipper, Aggron

Misc Gen 4 Pokemon:

Fuzzy Takara Tomy Luxray plush

Laying Tomy Buizel Plush (TTO is okay)

Rement Honchkrow & Murkrow Set

Pokedex Charms: Empoleon,Honchkrow,Luxray

Yamper & Boltund:

Takara Tomy Fuzzy Plush (Both Sizes)
Chupa Chups Figure
Ichiban Kuji Yamper Plush
WCT Yamper Figure (low-priority)

Shining Fates Boltund Tin- *Must Have Card in Window*
WCT Boltund Figure
Uniqlo Exclusive Clear Yamper Kid Figure

Banpresto Nickit Plush

Misc. Gen 8 Pokemon:

Ichiban Kuji Laying Galarian Ponyta Plush

Pokedex Charm

Pinurrchin & Impidimp Poke Dolls

Sanei All-Star Galarian Meowth Plush
Sanei All-Star Galarian Corsola Plush
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