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I figured i'd post a little update journal today. I'm excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and am waiting for Friday to come so that I can pick up my copy of Moon. I don't really have alot going on in my day to day life so this will certainly help pass the time. :3

I'm not sure what I will be doing for Thanksgiving exactly, haven't heard from the family members I usually visit on the holidays in a few weeks.  My mom has tried to call them but haven't heard back, hopefully we will soon. My mom got a second job in September that she's not very fond of but she is still off on Thanksgiving Day since its at a court house.

I've been a little more active on twitter if anyone else is a member there:

None the less I still use LJ every day. I hope everyone else on my friend's list is doing alright, I know things have gotten quieter here as the years go on.

Also- I've been trying to do my outdoor figure photos again!:

Been using pokemon figures this time around, I think they've been turning out pretty well! My roomate/friend gave me his old camera since he got a new one for himself so I have a camera that's a little better quality now.
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Animal Plushie Sales (WIP)

Prices don't include shipping, paypal only.  Items can be combined with anything else in any of my other sales posts.

US Shipping starts at $3.50-$4.50 (depends on zipcode), Canada Shipping starts at $10, Anywhere else starts at $14


Build a Bear Wolf w/ Outfit- $15
Wild Republic Cuddlekins Wolf Cub (all tags are still attached) -SOLD
Creature Comforts Inc Wolf (has wire stiffeners)- $10
Busch Gardens Wolf- $5 OBO

Aurora Yoohoo and Friends Wolf (rare,possibly Busch Gardens exclusive)- $6
Tiny Wolf  Plush (Has a bit of pilling on legs,otherwise in good condition)- $3


Douglas Cuddle Toys Australian Cattle Dog "Bolt" (16 inch)- NWT- $23

Ganz Classics Yorkshire Terrier (NWT)- $10
Yomiko Classics Fox Terrier (NWT)- $8

2013 Toys R US St.Bernard Plush- $6
Irish Setter- $6
Basset Hound- $5 OBO

Yomiko German Shepherd Beanbag- $5
Kids Preffered Mini Weimareiner- $4

Webkinz Signatures-

Grizzly Bear- $10 (No code but in excellent condition)
Moose- $14 (No Code but in Exellent Condition)

Misc Animals-

Cuddlekins Binturong- $10
White Sugar Gilder- $6

Demdaco/Nat and Jules Hedgehog- $8

Walmart Alpcasso-Look Alikes- $6 each or get the pair for $11 (plus shipping)
Douglas Cuddle Toys Tabby Cat "Riley" (Retired)- $6.50
Purr-Fection by MJC Buffalo "Bill- $5 (Or get with 16inch version for $18 + shipping)

Douglas Cuddle Toys Black Foal "Dancer" (Retired)- $10
Xtinctimals Saber Toot Tiger -$5 OBO

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Gen 7 Pokemon Wish-List

Updated as of 5/03/2018

Sanei All Star Collection Plush

Tomy MC Figure (Alt Pose)
Large Pokemon Center Cushion Plush
Candy Figure
Japanese Tomy Plush

Tomy Figure
Moncelle Get Figure

Pokedex Charm


Pokedex Charm
Pokemon Center Plush
Tomy In-Pokeball Plush (Don't want the pokeball,just the plush)

Moncelle Get Figure (Toy Fair Exclusive)
"Angry" Banpresto Plush
Pokemon Center Pin

Lycanroc (Midday Form):
Pokemon Center Pin

Lycanroc (Midnight Form):
Pokemon Center Pin
Metallic Tomy Figure

Lycanroc (Dusk Form):

Pokemon Center Plush
DX Banpresto Plush
Tomy Plush (Open Mouth)

Tomy Figure
Alt Tomy Figure
Candy Figure

Moncelle GET Figure (Metallic/Secret Version)

TCG Coin

Tomy in Pokeball Plush (Don't care about Pokeball)
Pokedex Charm

Pokedex Charm

1:1 Pokemon Center Plush
Pokedex Charm
Alt Pose Tomy Figure
Ippai Figures

Pokedex Charm


Pokedex Charm
Moncelle Get Figure

Pokemon Center Plush
Pokedex Charm

Pokedex Charm
Pokemon Center Plush
Tomy Figure
Tomy Plush

Pokedex Charm

Vulpix & Ninetales (Alola Form):

Large Banpresto Plush
Mini Pokedoll
1:1 Tomy Plush
Moncelle Get Figure (Secret Version)
Terrarium Figure

Banpresto Plush
Moncelle Get Figure (Secret Version)

Meowth (Alola Form):
Pokemon Center Plush
Tomy Figure
Moncelle Get Figure

Raichu (Alola Form):
Mini pokedoll
Ippai Collection Figure
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Pokemon Merchandise Wish-List

This is a WIP.

Looking to buy or trade for:
Any Poochyena/Mightyena Items on this list, Any Oshawott items on this list, Banpresto Figure Keychain of  Vaporeon, Eevee and Friends Bandai Figure Collection

Looking to trade for:
Anything else on this list

For Trading:

Conditions of items offered:
Plush must have tushtags and not be visably worn/loved, have stains or holes. Hangtags are optional, can be japanese or US release if applicable.

Figures- don't have to come with any boxes or other orginal packaging as long as all parts of the figure are there. A minor scuff is okay but please nothing with tons of marks and scuffs that you can see right away.

US-just as long as its fair its fine with me.

International- The value of the items you are trading me will have to exceed shipping cost from me to be worth it, UNLESS you pay the shipping for the items to be shipped to you, then lower value trades are okay.

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Finally found my memory card reader so here is a picture of my new wolf plush:

In other news, I got to see Zootopia yesterday. I liked it alot,but I can't say its something worth seeing in theatres more than once but maybe thats just because i'm on more of a budget. I would like to buy it when it comes out on DVD though. Its definately a socially aware type of movie,but it has alot of neat references and such too. I wish they had included non mammal species in the film but maybe they can if a sequel is made? Finnick's oddly deep voice was pretty funny. XD

But yeah if you can afford it I do recommend seeing it in theatre atleast once. If not,well its worth renting too.

I did also get two other plushies this week,my mom works at Hallmark so she gets a discount on these:

I collect Ty Beanie Boos because they are pretty cute and aren't too costly but I don't post photos of them much. I thought I would this time though. These two are my first of the 2016 releases so far. I mainly got them because I like the color scheme,black and blue are two of my favorite colors! I think she is meant to be a black and white poodle? Her given name is Tracey. I didn't know black and white poodles exsisted until I looked it up, apparently they do. o_o
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I misplaced my memory card reader so I can't take pictures of the new wolf plushie I got last week until I find that. Here's her stock photo in the meantime:

She's made of Kohair and some other kind of fur like material. Her given name is "Bright Eyes" but I am not that big of a fan of that name myself. Shes from the brand Douglas Cuddle Toys if anyone was wondering.

In other news, I am going to go see Zootopia tomorrow! I was originally going to see it on Monday but my friend wanted me to wait to see it with them. I hope I will like it,everyone sure is talking about it. Some of the other movies that people/critics loved I wasn't that fond of (Examples: Pacific Rim,Avatar) but hopefully I will like this one.

I rented Pixar's The Good Dinosaur last night from Red Box and honestly I kind of wish I didn't watch it. I didn't enjoy it at all and only liked the scenery visuals,the character designs looked awful. It also made rather sad, do they always have to kill off a family member in a Disney movie? This was Pixar and not every one of their movies is like that so I don't know why this one had to be written that way. It didn't add anything to the story. Definately not a film i'd want to rewatch.

I guess i'm pretty sensitive about death but yeah I just found the film upsetting. I know I would have been really upset if I had watched this when I was a little kid,which is bad seeing this was Pixar's main audience in mind with this one.
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Over the past two weeks i've been getting back into playing my Pokemon X game, working on my pokedex. I now have the National Dex completed but I don't have the entry for Genesect since I don't have him. Probably gonna have to wait until Gamestop gives him out in November unfortunately.

I am also working on having a "living dex" where I have one copy of each pokemon,icluding form differences. I finally got all of the Vivillon patterns as of this moring! That was like a three year project. XD

Here are the Pokemon I still need for my Living Dex (will update later):
Ho-Oh (Normal Version,currently only have Shiny.)
Burmy (Trash Cloak)
Wormadam (Plant Cloak)
Wormadam (Trash Cloak)
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I got my first new Mightyena item since I got the Unofficial Mightyena plush last year. :3 A little lanyard charm from the Doujinshi artist "+Poke Box+" who is fairly well known in the Pkmncollectors community. She makes really good quality items.

It was $10 + $4 shipping so it wasn't too horribly expensive. I am trying to save up for certain items this year but I had enough to buy this when I found out about it. I am going to leave it in the package so its a little hard to see but here's a photo:

I like the metal charms from her the best but this is pretty nice too. I'm not sure how well it would hold up with use though,wouldn't it falling apart.

Also, a 4th set of the Kuttari plush is coming out next month apparently! I really like these guys and have all of the sleeping versions of the first three sets,so I would like to try to get these as well. I currently have enough for two, so I will need to sell some things to save up for the rest. I am auctioning off two things so that will help with that.

I think i'll try to get Pichu and Gardevior first.  Outside of Pokemon stuff I am being pretty picky with what I get but I still get a few things every now and then. I have one new wolf plushie on the way, i'll show what she looks like when she gets here. ^^
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The snow was falling pretty steadily until the evening but around 7-9 it was just very light snow. Then the wind picked up and it started getting pretty bad out there. Overnight is when we got alot of snow,and its whiteout conditions at times because of the powder type snow and winds. Its supposed to keep up like this for awhile,it doesn't feel that cold out though.

This was a picture in the same spot as yesterday earlier in the morning:

There are alot of snow drifts on the cars and our recyling can and such,here's a view out of a different window:

We had to shovel a path so that the dogs could use the restroom out there,haha. We have about 18-20 inches so far and its still falling so we probably will get the 30 inches they were calling for. No trouble with power though! So that's good.

And no one had to go into work today either,it just isn't possible to drive anywhere. News Vans and Snow Plows are getting stuck on the roads. Digging out on Sunday is gonna be a huge pain though. =/
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Snow starting to fall at about 12:30pm, so its been going for about an hour. Nothing real big so far but late evening and overnight is gonna be pretty crazy I guess.

I'll try to take a picture again tomorrow to show the difference but if the winds are too high I may not be able to take it in the same spot. This is the view out of the sliding glass door in our sunroom. Everything is saying prepare to loose power but we have underground powerlines,so I am not sure if we have to worry about that or not.

We didn't loose power during Hurricane Sandy or previous snowstorms but they are saying this is going to be worse than what we faced previously. I really hope we don't loose power as much of the food that we bought was frozen or canned stuff that needs microwaved. x_x I have a flashlight just in case but i'll have to make sure to cover the bird's cages with a bunch of blankets so they stay warm.