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Hello there! I am Shadoweon, or if you prefer to know me by my actual name, Rachel. I am a 26 year old living in Northern Virginia. My hobbies include drawing,collecting,gaming and spending time with my pet. My main collections are pokemon merchandise,and plushies but I do collect other things as well. One day I hope to have a profession as a professional artist or one that deals with animals. I live at home with my mom and my pet sun conure,Cody. I have an online/long-distance boyfriend of multiple years named Brian who is very dear to me. <3 I graduated from high school in the summer of 2012.

I can be found on a fair amount of websites, not all my usernames are the same as they are here so if you want to see my accounts on other places-send me a message. =)

I can be found on:
Livejournal(obviously), DeviantART, Fur Affinity, Youtube,Tumblr, Neopets and a couple smaller-scale websites.

Art by Tokamir (on LJ).


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