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And so 2017 begins

Christmas and such went pretty good this year (err..last year I guess),although it wasn't all that eventful. I was just at home for the most part but we did go see my Aunt and Uncle on Christmas day. My roomate/friend came along again because he and my Uncle actually have some simular interests as it would turn out.

I don't have any resolutions for 2017 and things haven't changed all that much from this time last year but i'm going to try to be more social, online atleast. When I was younger I used to be better with that kind of thing. I don't think i'm going to post too many "life" updates here for awhile but I will still post about plushies or other things every now and then.

If something interesting happens I probably will post about it but I imagine super mundane stuff isn't all that interesting to read about anyways. ^^;
Here are my first plushie additions of 2017! I only actually paid for one of these though. The Beanie Boos my mom got at Hallmark (where she works part time) with some coupons that she had. The other two are Lelly/National Geographic Panthers. I ordered one with some money I got from relatives over the holidays from ToysRUs.com and ended up with two. I was only charged for one and my order form says I only ordered one so its just some kind of weird mistake I guess!
They have slight differences to them even though they are technically the same plush. The one on the right is about an inch shorter than the other one, oddly enough. I don't have names for them but I feel like I should come up with something since they are a pair.

That's about all I can think to mention for now though. I'm still working on selling things I don't want, i've made some progress but I still have alot of things left to clear out.  Hope everyone is hanging in there okay. <3
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Gen 7 Pokemon Wish-List

Updated as of 5/03/2018

Sanei All Star Collection Plush

Tomy MC Figure (Alt Pose)
Large Pokemon Center Cushion Plush
Candy Figure
Japanese Tomy Plush

Tomy Figure
Moncelle Get Figure

Pokedex Charm


Pokedex Charm
Pokemon Center Plush
Tomy In-Pokeball Plush (Don't want the pokeball,just the plush)

Moncelle Get Figure (Toy Fair Exclusive)
"Angry" Banpresto Plush
Pokemon Center Pin

Lycanroc (Midday Form):
Pokemon Center Pin

Lycanroc (Midnight Form):
Pokemon Center Pin
Metallic Tomy Figure

Lycanroc (Dusk Form):

Pokemon Center Plush
DX Banpresto Plush
Tomy Plush (Open Mouth)

Tomy Figure
Alt Tomy Figure
Candy Figure

Moncelle GET Figure (Metallic/Secret Version)

TCG Coin

Tomy in Pokeball Plush (Don't care about Pokeball)
Pokedex Charm

Pokedex Charm

1:1 Pokemon Center Plush
Pokedex Charm
Alt Pose Tomy Figure
Ippai Figures

Pokedex Charm


Pokedex Charm
Moncelle Get Figure

Pokemon Center Plush
Pokedex Charm

Pokedex Charm
Pokemon Center Plush
Tomy Figure
Tomy Plush

Pokedex Charm

Vulpix & Ninetales (Alola Form):

Large Banpresto Plush
Mini Pokedoll
1:1 Tomy Plush
Moncelle Get Figure (Secret Version)
Terrarium Figure

Banpresto Plush
Moncelle Get Figure (Secret Version)

Meowth (Alola Form):
Pokemon Center Plush
Tomy Figure
Moncelle Get Figure

Raichu (Alola Form):
Mini pokedoll
Ippai Collection Figure
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Pokemon Merchandise Wish-List

This is a WIP.

Looking to buy or trade for:
Any Poochyena/Mightyena Items on this list, Any Oshawott items on this list, Banpresto Figure Keychain of  Vaporeon, Eevee and Friends Bandai Figure Collection

Looking to trade for:
Anything else on this list

For Trading:

Conditions of items offered:
Plush must have tushtags and not be visably worn/loved, have stains or holes. Hangtags are optional, can be japanese or US release if applicable.

Figures- don't have to come with any boxes or other orginal packaging as long as all parts of the figure are there. A minor scuff is okay but please nothing with tons of marks and scuffs that you can see right away.

US-just as long as its fair its fine with me.

International- The value of the items you are trading me will have to exceed shipping cost from me to be worth it, UNLESS you pay the shipping for the items to be shipped to you, then lower value trades are okay.

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(no subject)

I got my first new Mightyena item since I got the Unofficial Mightyena plush last year. :3 A little lanyard charm from the Doujinshi artist "+Poke Box+" who is fairly well known in the Pkmncollectors community. She makes really good quality items.

It was $10 + $4 shipping so it wasn't too horribly expensive. I am trying to save up for certain items this year but I had enough to buy this when I found out about it. I am going to leave it in the package so its a little hard to see but here's a photo:

I like the metal charms from her the best but this is pretty nice too. I'm not sure how well it would hold up with use though,wouldn't it falling apart.

Also, a 4th set of the Kuttari plush is coming out next month apparently! I really like these guys and have all of the sleeping versions of the first three sets,so I would like to try to get these as well. I currently have enough for two, so I will need to sell some things to save up for the rest. I am auctioning off two things so that will help with that.

I think i'll try to get Pichu and Gardevior first.  Outside of Pokemon stuff I am being pretty picky with what I get but I still get a few things every now and then. I have one new wolf plushie on the way, i'll show what she looks like when she gets here. ^^
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First Collection Additions of 2016!

I thought I would show the first pokemon collection related thing I got as of the new year. :3 I pre-ordered this back in September or so,so it was already paid for. It's these three Ippai figures, initally  I was just going to get Charmander since that is the starter i've always used in the games but eh. I don't have much of the others so I thought i'd be nice to have something of the Kanto trio.

They look good together I think!  I have put my other Squirtle and Bulbasaur figures up for sale to make some room for these guys,hopefully I can sell them at some point within this year.

The first non pokemon collection related item I got was this pretty Yomiko Dreamers Rottweiler. I had found out about the line last year on a foreign website and really wanted to get some of them. I only found it for sale in the UK but the line is starting to move over here as well it seems! I don't know where this one came from though, someone I follow on DA bought some extra ones to sell so that's how I got this one. She's really pretty,isn't she? I think I want to give her some sort of Gem themed name.

I'm not sure how much collecting I will be doing in this year but when I do get something new I think i'll catalog it here. Livens up my journal a bit,you know? 
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Happy Thanksgiving week!

I don't post much on my personal journal anymore but I do check LJ everyday for the communities and those on my friend's list. I thought i'd make a post tonight though.

Not much is going on but I thought i'd wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving week,for those who celebrate it. If you don't,well hope you have a nice week anyways. ^^  I've started seeing people put trees up in their windows for the holidays so I gave in and started decorating my room a little as well.

Not totally done but after Thanksgiving weekend I probably will be. Speaking of holidays I would like to do the annual card exchange again this year,for anyone who would be interested. I'll make a post about that at the end of the month most likely.

In collection related news I just need to make enough money to buy the sleeping mudkip kuttari plushie and i'll have each available version of the kuttari plushies in sleeping form. =D I've never had a complete set of plushies before but I really like these guys and they don't take up much space. Eventually i'd like to have the awake versions of the eeveeloutions as well as pikachu and raichu but that's probably a long way off.

I only buy collection things from funds I get via selling things so that effects how much I buy but i'm happy i've been able to get as much as I have in spite of that. :3 I don't have a picture of all of them yet but when the last two I am expecting in the mail arrive i'll probably share.
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My Animal Figure Collection (WIP)

I decided to make a post for my animal figure collection just for the heck of it. I haven't taken a picture of all the ones I have as quite a few didn't turn out so well with lighting. Digital altering couldn't really save some of them either so yeah. >_<

I collect wolves,foxes,wild dogs,dogs,deer,japanese serows and relatives,owls,misc North American wildlife and just whatever else I find and like!
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(no subject)

At times I still have a hard time dealing with Cookie being gone. Things that mention senior dogs tend to kind of bother me for example,especially that one post about dogs when they were young and when they are alot older. :c

I am trying to focus on collection things lately online wise. I am trying to sell things that i'm not super attached to or that just take up alot of space. I am selling alot of my unofficial pokemon plushies except for my poochyena,umbreon and other nicer ones. The other eeveloutions have to go, I just have no room for them.

I am selling some figures too. I have decided that with non pokemon plushies I am only going to focus on certain brands/styles of them except for species that I really like. I have alot of disney plushies I want to sell but having trouble finding a venue for them.

I've mainly been using my sales money to buy the Pokemon Center Kuttari plushies. I just need to make enough to buy the Pikachu one and i'll have all of the ones I want in the sleeping version. Feel pretty accomplished about that! I want some non pokemon stuff too but those things tend to be less limited than the pokemon stuff.
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(no subject)

McDonald's came out with a new happy meal promotion that I liked-Ty Beanie Boos! They also came out with Mario Cart toys which is cool but I don't collect Nintendo merch outside of Pokemon.

The last couple of promos they had were really crappy (like the Pokemon and HTTYD2 ones) but both of these actually look nice! My mom was cool and was willing to drive me to a few McDonald's in our area to look for them and I got:

There are eight different designs and two different colors of each design available. My most wanted one is a blue owl called "Spells" but my second most wanted was the orange octopus,Ollie. :3

I've been kind of collecting Beanie Boos here and there since I can't find the Aurora Yoohoo and Friends as easily as I used to be able to. I like them alot better now that they have the sparkly-eyes. These come with a $1 off coupon for the regular size beanie boos so that's a plus too!

I guess it's kind of sad that the only things I enjoy lately is collecting little things like this and talking to Brian and my online friends but eh. It keeps me going. Probably can't tell that i'm 20 years old by what I post,can you?lol

You can see a few more photos of these on my Flickr account if anyone would like to see: