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Yay, I voted.

I voted for the first time today, the wait was about an hour and 25 minutes. (I went in at around 11am.) That part wasn't very fun but its not as bad as some places were it can be up to four hours. D:  I would consider myself neutral/independent but I voted for Obama this time. I am not a dedicated supporter of him but he seemed better than Romney, for me personally.

This woman behind me got on my nerves in line though, she kept CONSTANTLY moving her large stroller back and forth and I kept worrying that she was going to hit me with it, which she did the one time. <_<  Other than that it all went pretty okay. I wonder who will win this time...?
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Election Day is Coming Up

This is the first election that I am eligible to vote in since i'm only 18. In Virginia there is no early voting unless its absentee voting (which I don't qualify for) so I have to vote in person. Luckily my assigned voting location is in the neighborhood so I can walk if need be but I don't know whats the best time to go to avoid really long lines.

I wanted to ask my Uncle when I visited him and my Aunt last Thursday but they were too busy playing with my cousin's baby for me to ask. T_T My mom has never voted (although I did get her to register this year since they mailed her a form). Do any of you guys know what a good time to go is? I know the evening is bad but I wasn't sure if morning or afternoon is better. I hope this doesn't turn into too much of a hassle.

I keep getting a ton of political calls too. @_@