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Midori's gone.

My much loved Quaker parrot, Midori passed away overnight. I'm not ready or in the place to be able to type a full entry about it right now but he was shifting around in the middle of the night and I went to help him but then I went back to bed since its not safe to sleep with birds on the bed in case they move and get hurt but when I woke back up....he was dead on the bottom of his cage. I wish I had just held him all night reguardless of how much sleep I lost but I didn't know.

He was only 8 years old. He desereved so much better and I wish I was there for him more.

Midori (April 2012- August 9th,2020)

Goodbye my sweet little bird, i'll always miss you and love you.
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The snow was falling pretty steadily until the evening but around 7-9 it was just very light snow. Then the wind picked up and it started getting pretty bad out there. Overnight is when we got alot of snow,and its whiteout conditions at times because of the powder type snow and winds. Its supposed to keep up like this for awhile,it doesn't feel that cold out though.

This was a picture in the same spot as yesterday earlier in the morning:

There are alot of snow drifts on the cars and our recyling can and such,here's a view out of a different window:

We had to shovel a path so that the dogs could use the restroom out there,haha. We have about 18-20 inches so far and its still falling so we probably will get the 30 inches they were calling for. No trouble with power though! So that's good.

And no one had to go into work today either,it just isn't possible to drive anywhere. News Vans and Snow Plows are getting stuck on the roads. Digging out on Sunday is gonna be a huge pain though. =/
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My Animal Figure Collection (WIP)

I decided to make a post for my animal figure collection just for the heck of it. I haven't taken a picture of all the ones I have as quite a few didn't turn out so well with lighting. Digital altering couldn't really save some of them either so yeah. >_<

I collect wolves,foxes,wild dogs,dogs,deer,japanese serows and relatives,owls,misc North American wildlife and just whatever else I find and like!
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This is one of the last photos I ever took of Cookie,from earlier this year.

It still hard to look at things of her but I thought I would share it since I never did show photos of her much.  I wish I had taken more of her but in the last months she wasn't really looking herself. v_v
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Shelf Re-Do!

I've redone one of the cubes in my Ikea expedit shelf and I thought i'd show what I did. It originally had my Poochyena/Mightyena stuff in it but alot of that is just little flat items or figures. I have alot of larger Eevee Items so I decided to put them in there instead.

This is all I have of Eevee except for three plush,four figures, and a few flat items like stickers or charms.  Eeveeloutions are one my side collections but they've ended up being bigger than my other collections just because they have so much more merchandise.

I'm trying to save up and get quite a few of the new relaxed style plushies,so far I have two ordered. I can really only buy new collection things if I sell something from my sales now. I wish I could sell non pokemon stuff more easily,thats what I want to sell the most. Anyone know of any good places to sell disney/character stuff other than Ebay?
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Totally a Mightyena :V

Friend linked me this:

 They want $320 for this thing.It looks like a husky at best,seeing as its white and not even gray. lol The face is somewhat cute but the legs and all are just a trainwreck. Definately doesn't look much like what its supposed to be. Dobut someone will buy this off ebay.

Or if they do its gonna be for well...*cough* not very appropriate use.
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I'm not an interior decorator but...

I thought i'd show this summer display I came up with this year. In our sunroom my mom has a pie safe that usually has 4th of July/Patriotic decor on it in the summer but I came up with the idea of doing something more shore/beachy themed. She was okay with it since she can put all of her stuff in other parts of the sunroom and kitchen.

She let me get a few new items for it,like the wreath and the vase filler. Things like the vase filler and lamp are things that normally are in my room. The candle is hers.
Here are some close ups since it is a little hard to see details in the above photo:

I'd like to keep this little display out from now until the end of August. I've only been to the beach a few times in my lifetime and certainly can't afford to take any vacations this year most likely but I just thought it was a nice theme/motif,you know?

Happy Memorial Day/Unoffficial Start of Summer!
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My 21st Birthday

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. I didn't do any drinking or anything like that,I find it hard to drink just about any alchohol unless its a wine cooler. I'm just forcing myself through it and it makes my stomach hurt. >_<;

As such, I didn't do any of that yesterday. I know thats something alot of people do for their birthday that year but yeah. The main thing I did yesterday is that I went to Tyson's Corner Mall,which is a larger higher end mall in the area. It's about 40 minutes from my house I think? Maybe a bit less.

The mall has two parts, the corner mall and galleria mall. Due to the galleria part just mainly being expensive snooty stores, I didn't go to that part. The corner mall has a Disney Store,Barnes and Noble and some furniture stores I like to look at even if I can't afford to buy much from them- like West Elm.

I had planned on eating at the Pinkberry store there but it turns out its closed until they get new (corporate) management. :c Instead I went to Panda Express since I haven't eaten there in quite some time.

Here is what I bought while I was there (I got some birthday money earlier in the week hence I could pick up a few things!):

Gemstone starfish carving, Spice and Wolf manga volume 10,  Ty Beanie Boos Red Fox (Clip Size) and The Face Shop handcream 03-Ocelot.

The starfish is made of a man made gem called black goldstone. It reminds me of a starry night, I really love it. The store it was at- Fire & Ice was closing that location so it was on sale. It was normally $12.50 but was $8 after the sale. They had beautiful bird sculptures and all but they were just too expensive, over $60.

On the way back home I went to see if the Pinkberry near my house was open but the same thing happened with that location too. I guess they had the same franchise owner. So we (my mom and I) ended up just going to a local frozen yogurt place.

After that I went home but I walked the dogs for a little while.
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(no subject)

Midori is begining to act a little better. I still can't really pet him unless hes distracted,but he will sit on my arms and preen without trying to bite the crap out of me. He does chirp a bit too. I wish he would go back to how he was before this week were I could always pet him,but maybe things will continue to get better. If not,well atleast I can sit with him I guess.

I won't let him go anywhere near my face now though, I just don't trust him enough for that.

I've cleaned one half of my room but some of the things I have, I just don't know where to put them. Plushies I want to sell, notebooks, books that don't fit on my bookshelf,etc. I really would like to have my room fully organized,or atleast be able to hide the things that don't have a place so they are out of sight.  If I could put things in the basement that would be very easy to accomplish,but my mom puts all her holiday decorations down there.

Anyways, sometimes I like to go to thrift stores to look for nice plushies or animal statues and things like that. I don't usually luck out but this time I got this beautiful Samoyed statue! It was only $3 so I was able to pay for it with the quaters I had in my wallet actually.

Its from 1984 and made by an artist called Earl Sherwan. It reminds me a bit of Sandicast statues, a brand i've always really admired but have never been able to afford.
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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Thought i'd go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving since its the week of already. Today i'm having my at home version of it with my mom and my friend.

Then on Thursday (aka actual Thanksgiving) i'll visit my Aunt Kathy & Uncle Bruce to have dinner with them. Haven't seen my uncle in awhile so it'll be nice to see him and one of my cousins again. I feel bad for not doing anything with the other side of the family but they don't do much for the holiday anymore compared to how they used to-plus thats a two hour drive one way. Maybe i'll try to call them or something.

Aside from that I don't have any plans but i'm looking forward to the week of new Adventure Time episodes on Cartoon Network this week. ^^

Yesterday I took some photos of a few of my animal figures outside for fun but I thought it would be appropriate to show the ones I took of my Safari Ltd. Turkey one (I got him about two months ago):

Hope everyone else has a good week,even if you aren't doing much of anything for the holiday. <3