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I've been spending today photographing some of my newer Pokemon figures. It's been kinda fun actually. With plushies it's more difficult to find the right lighting/background so I don't always like how those ones turn out.

But it seems like it's easier with figures, I guess because they are small. I took all of these on my windowsill this morning!

I'm starting to photograph my vinyl Tsum Tsum figure collection as well:

Not sure if I should catalog these individually or just go by movie/series, might take awhile if I choose the first option. XD

The forecast is calling for a chance of snow tomorrow, hope it sticks if it does. I could take some outdoor snow photos again then.
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And so 2017 begins

Christmas and such went pretty good this year (err..last year I guess),although it wasn't all that eventful. I was just at home for the most part but we did go see my Aunt and Uncle on Christmas day. My roomate/friend came along again because he and my Uncle actually have some simular interests as it would turn out.

I don't have any resolutions for 2017 and things haven't changed all that much from this time last year but i'm going to try to be more social, online atleast. When I was younger I used to be better with that kind of thing. I don't think i'm going to post too many "life" updates here for awhile but I will still post about plushies or other things every now and then.

If something interesting happens I probably will post about it but I imagine super mundane stuff isn't all that interesting to read about anyways. ^^;
Here are my first plushie additions of 2017! I only actually paid for one of these though. The Beanie Boos my mom got at Hallmark (where she works part time) with some coupons that she had. The other two are Lelly/National Geographic Panthers. I ordered one with some money I got from relatives over the holidays from ToysRUs.com and ended up with two. I was only charged for one and my order form says I only ordered one so its just some kind of weird mistake I guess!
They have slight differences to them even though they are technically the same plush. The one on the right is about an inch shorter than the other one, oddly enough. I don't have names for them but I feel like I should come up with something since they are a pair.

That's about all I can think to mention for now though. I'm still working on selling things I don't want, i've made some progress but I still have alot of things left to clear out.  Hope everyone is hanging in there okay. <3
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I figured i'd post a little update journal today. I'm excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and am waiting for Friday to come so that I can pick up my copy of Moon. I don't really have alot going on in my day to day life so this will certainly help pass the time. :3

I'm not sure what I will be doing for Thanksgiving exactly, haven't heard from the family members I usually visit on the holidays in a few weeks.  My mom has tried to call them but haven't heard back, hopefully we will soon. My mom got a second job in September that she's not very fond of but she is still off on Thanksgiving Day since its at a court house.

I've been a little more active on twitter if anyone else is a member there:

None the less I still use LJ every day. I hope everyone else on my friend's list is doing alright, I know things have gotten quieter here as the years go on.

Also- I've been trying to do my outdoor figure photos again!:

Been using pokemon figures this time around, I think they've been turning out pretty well! My roomate/friend gave me his old camera since he got a new one for himself so I have a camera that's a little better quality now.
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First Collection Additions of 2016!

I thought I would show the first pokemon collection related thing I got as of the new year. :3 I pre-ordered this back in September or so,so it was already paid for. It's these three Ippai figures, initally  I was just going to get Charmander since that is the starter i've always used in the games but eh. I don't have much of the others so I thought i'd be nice to have something of the Kanto trio.

They look good together I think!  I have put my other Squirtle and Bulbasaur figures up for sale to make some room for these guys,hopefully I can sell them at some point within this year.

The first non pokemon collection related item I got was this pretty Yomiko Dreamers Rottweiler. I had found out about the line last year on a foreign website and really wanted to get some of them. I only found it for sale in the UK but the line is starting to move over here as well it seems! I don't know where this one came from though, someone I follow on DA bought some extra ones to sell so that's how I got this one. She's really pretty,isn't she? I think I want to give her some sort of Gem themed name.

I'm not sure how much collecting I will be doing in this year but when I do get something new I think i'll catalog it here. Livens up my journal a bit,you know? 
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2015 Holiday Card Exchange Results

Figured now would be a good time to do this. Although I didn't exchange with anyone who had been on my friend's list previously, I still had a pretty good turn out. I also met some new people on here and on DeviantArt. :3

I exchanged with two people on Deviantart- Lunathehusky & Twintowergal:

They are two watchers of mine,and although I don't know either of them very well at all it was still fun to exchange cards with them.

On here I exchanged with three people:

From jen81489 I got :

I had actually spent money to buy the other 2015 Pokemon Center holiday card design (the icy scene one with Glaceon) but didn't want to spend the money to get the other one. I'm happy I was able to get it after all! I might frame the two at some point,they are kind of like art prints.

From icyshadowblades and jehoshabeath I got:

jehoshabeath included extras too!

A Poochyena sticker and some of the trading cards that I had on my wish-list.

Overall this has been fun, I hope I can find people to do it with again next year.  Thank you to everyone who participated. <3
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Virginia Beach Day Part 2

I brought my Clauncher figure along to take a few pictures while I was there. I brought one of my Samurott ones as well but those pictures didn't work out as well. I would have brought one of my animal figures (like my Schleich Seal or Seagull) but they can scuff alot more easily and I was worried about them getting marks from being carried in my bag.

After we left the reserve we went to a local resturant along the drive to the Aquarium. I saw some beach houses  on the way out of the reserve which was kinda neat too! I've never seen that sort of thing in person before. The resturant was just kind of a typical bar/resturant type place but it was alright. I didn't like my food very much but my friend liked his atleast.

The Aquarium closed at 5 and we arrived at 3 so we didn't have a huge amount of time to look at everything but did fit everything in. The bird exhibit they used to have is closed until further notice because of damage to the enclosure so that was kind of dissapointing. Everything else was fine though,got to to see their River Otters again.

I didn't take any pictures there since my camera isn't very good with low light.  We left after they closed and ended up getting stuck in traffic twice on the drive home. So that part kind of sucked.  Got to eat at a Noodles and Company somewhere in Hanover County for dinner though. ^^

Overall it was a fun day,i'm glad I went!
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Virginia Beach Day Trip Part 1

I ended up getting back home quite late last night (almost 11pm) so I didn't turn my computer back on before going to bed. I'm waking up now so figured now would be the time to post about how everything went.
Got up at 6am and left around 7:30-8am and then it was just a lot of being in the car,lol.Made pretty good time though because it only took 3 hours instead of the 4-5 it could take to get there. Instead of going to the commercial part of the beach (which has a parking fee) I suggested going to this Wildlife Refuge that I read about the day before. This place (Back Bay Wildlife Refuge) is apparently a part of the Outer Banks! Just a very tiny part of it, I have always wanted to see the Outer Banks so it was nice to see an idea of what it's like.

Part of it is marshland and part of it is a regular beach,i've never seen sand dunes and sea grasses before in person. :3 However they were pretty strict about not being anywhere near the sand dunes for wildlife conservation reasons.
In the marshland part there's Water Mocossains (Cottonmouths) there rather often I guess because we saw two of them.  My friend/roomate saw the one a little closer than would be preferabble since we didn't even notice him at first until this older woman who was sort of like a unofficial tour guide pointed it out,haha. It was just a juvenile one though,it opened its mouth a bit but it closed it again after  backing away so no worries there. I got a picture of him (from a bit farther away):

Also saw Tundra Swans out in the distance on the bay side's water,you could hear them more than you could see them but that was still neat . Apparently this place is an important migration stop for them. Saw a few other birds as well but no one super up close.

On the beach there were some interesting shells so I took a few that washed up. They aren't in the best shape but i'll keep them for a little while anyway. I also found a peice of real seaglass! Just one peice unfortunately,but it is cool.
A little farther up I found a Ghost Crab claw as well. I feel bad for the crab but that is interesting to find. I'm not sure if I need to clean it out or not though? It doesn't stink so maybe the fleshy parts inside it already decomposed.

Here are some other photos I took:

(The little black thing is a "Mermaid Purse" which is nickname for egg cases left by certain sharks and rays,i'm not sure which one this would be from. Either way I have never seen one of these in person before!)