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Pokemon 30 Day Challenge- Day 17

Day 17- Favorite Dark Pokemon?

#262 Mightyena,obviously. <3 There is alot I can say about this pokemon but I don't want to ramble. My fursona is based off of one and both Mightyena and Poochyena are my main collections merchandise wise. My only in-game non event lvl 100 Pokemon is a female Mightyena that originated from Sapphire. This Pokemon is very significant to me.

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Pokemon 30 Day Challenge- Day 12-14

Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!
Day 12- Favorite Normal Type
052 Meowth- Just a childhood favorite. I like persian alot too.
Day 13- Favorite Ghost Type
607 Litwick
I like the entire candle-line alot and I think lampent has the coolest design of the three but litwick is really adorable so I picked her as my favorite. <3 I like Yamask alot too..but his backstory is quite sad. :c

Day 14- Favorite Ice Type
144 Articuno was always one of my favorites as a kid, and the fondness for her still continues although I don't collect her merchandise wise. Definitely my favorite of the bird trio, Pokemon 2000 is one of my favorite pokemon movies in part because she is in it (and because of Lugia).
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Pokemon 30 Day Challenge- Day 10

Day 10- Favorite Psychic Pokemon?

#201 Unown. I used to not like them when  I was little (I thought they where stupid) but after the ! and ? ones came out I had a change of heart. They aren't useful in the games as a team member unfortunately since they can only learn one attack but I still think they are cute in a weird way. X3  It is one of my official side collections merchandise wise.

Unown <- Also this version of the sprite is hilarious,it looks like its dancing. XD
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Pokemon 30 Day Challenge- Day 8

Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!
Day 8- Favorite Ground Type?

Hard to say really, this is one of those types that I really do not care for that much. I love Flygon but I was going to use that as my favorite dragon type. I am not really into Trapinch or Virbrava  either so I'll say #028 Sandslash!

Sandshew is fine too but we are supposed to only pick one so yeah. XD
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Pokemon 30 Day Challenge- Day 7

Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!
Day 7- Favorite Poison Type?

#023 Ekans. He was one of my favorite pokemon when I was little (I really liked snakes when I was little...before I realized what they liked to eat,lol) and am still fond of him. I never had any preference towards Arbok though. Runner up for favorite poison type would be Scolipede,but I think of him as bug type more than I do poison type.