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I've been spending today photographing some of my newer Pokemon figures. It's been kinda fun actually. With plushies it's more difficult to find the right lighting/background so I don't always like how those ones turn out.

But it seems like it's easier with figures, I guess because they are small. I took all of these on my windowsill this morning!

I'm starting to photograph my vinyl Tsum Tsum figure collection as well:

Not sure if I should catalog these individually or just go by movie/series, might take awhile if I choose the first option. XD

The forecast is calling for a chance of snow tomorrow, hope it sticks if it does. I could take some outdoor snow photos again then.
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I figured i'd post a little update journal today. I'm excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and am waiting for Friday to come so that I can pick up my copy of Moon. I don't really have alot going on in my day to day life so this will certainly help pass the time. :3

I'm not sure what I will be doing for Thanksgiving exactly, haven't heard from the family members I usually visit on the holidays in a few weeks.  My mom has tried to call them but haven't heard back, hopefully we will soon. My mom got a second job in September that she's not very fond of but she is still off on Thanksgiving Day since its at a court house.

I've been a little more active on twitter if anyone else is a member there:

None the less I still use LJ every day. I hope everyone else on my friend's list is doing alright, I know things have gotten quieter here as the years go on.

Also- I've been trying to do my outdoor figure photos again!:

Been using pokemon figures this time around, I think they've been turning out pretty well! My roomate/friend gave me his old camera since he got a new one for himself so I have a camera that's a little better quality now.
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My Animal Figure Collection (WIP)

I decided to make a post for my animal figure collection just for the heck of it. I haven't taken a picture of all the ones I have as quite a few didn't turn out so well with lighting. Digital altering couldn't really save some of them either so yeah. >_<

I collect wolves,foxes,wild dogs,dogs,deer,japanese serows and relatives,owls,misc North American wildlife and just whatever else I find and like!
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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Thought i'd go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving since its the week of already. Today i'm having my at home version of it with my mom and my friend.

Then on Thursday (aka actual Thanksgiving) i'll visit my Aunt Kathy & Uncle Bruce to have dinner with them. Haven't seen my uncle in awhile so it'll be nice to see him and one of my cousins again. I feel bad for not doing anything with the other side of the family but they don't do much for the holiday anymore compared to how they used to-plus thats a two hour drive one way. Maybe i'll try to call them or something.

Aside from that I don't have any plans but i'm looking forward to the week of new Adventure Time episodes on Cartoon Network this week. ^^

Yesterday I took some photos of a few of my animal figures outside for fun but I thought it would be appropriate to show the ones I took of my Safari Ltd. Turkey one (I got him about two months ago):

Hope everyone else has a good week,even if you aren't doing much of anything for the holiday. <3
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McDonald's came out with a new happy meal promotion that I liked-Ty Beanie Boos! They also came out with Mario Cart toys which is cool but I don't collect Nintendo merch outside of Pokemon.

The last couple of promos they had were really crappy (like the Pokemon and HTTYD2 ones) but both of these actually look nice! My mom was cool and was willing to drive me to a few McDonald's in our area to look for them and I got:

There are eight different designs and two different colors of each design available. My most wanted one is a blue owl called "Spells" but my second most wanted was the orange octopus,Ollie. :3

I've been kind of collecting Beanie Boos here and there since I can't find the Aurora Yoohoo and Friends as easily as I used to be able to. I like them alot better now that they have the sparkly-eyes. These come with a $1 off coupon for the regular size beanie boos so that's a plus too!

I guess it's kind of sad that the only things I enjoy lately is collecting little things like this and talking to Brian and my online friends but eh. It keeps me going. Probably can't tell that i'm 20 years old by what I post,can you?lol

You can see a few more photos of these on my Flickr account if anyone would like to see:
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Are you kidding me?XD

On tumblr I follow a person who posts info about Alpacassos,which is a line of cutesy Alpaca plush from Japan. A company called Amuse makes them. I own one blue neon one from a release from a few years ago. I would like some of the others but they aren't the cheapest collectibles in the world so I just remain with the one. (They are very commonly bootleged too.)

Today I saw a new set from another user that is probably the most ridiculous one yet. Attack on Titan Alpacassos:

They have tiny capes,haha. I think the Tan one is the cutest but lol wow,can't say I would expect this design. I have been watching the English dub of the anime but I don't have any merchandise of the series personally.

You can see the full post here,which includes a link for pre-orders:
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Around 2000 or so, I remember watching the English dub of the Monster Rancher anime. I don't remember all that much about it now other than the some of the characters, like Tiger who was my favorite.

One year for Christmas I got a set of four of  the figures, it was somewhat blind packaged so you didn't know which ones you would get. I was hoping for one of Tiger or one of the others of his species (what are they called again? The wolf like species.) but I didn't get one. I got some common monsters and one that I did like, Mocchi!

I don't remember what happened to the other thee, I think I ended up just throwing them out once I got older since I didn't know much about selling figures as a kid. I always did keep Mocchi though-he's in pretty condition too. I decided to display him recently since he matches well enough with the other things I have on display.

Does anyone know what the star on the back means? I am thinking it may signify the rarity of the figure but I don't know for sure. These kind of remind me of Tomy MC figures in a way,but they aren't quite the same. X3

This isn't a new addition by any means,but I thought it would be interesting to share. I have no idea if these guys are worth anything or not though, Monster Rancher is not that well remembered.
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Ponies :3

Last night I finally completed my task of taking individually taking photos of all of my MLP Blind Bag figures! Since I have over 40 of them,this took awhile,haha.

I wasn't able to get consistent looking lighting unfortunately,but I tried my best. I only have one  studio-type lamp to do this with, but alot of photography tip sites say to use two.

I just use a large sheet of paper as the background since I don't have any white cloth sitting around. I took some photos of my other MLP items too! Just not any of the plushies that I have, I should work on that next.

What do you guys think? =D

My newest addition is Sprinkle Medley:

Since these are about $2.50 or less a piece,I've been able to afford to collect them. It's just the matter of finding certain sets in stores, Series 9 has proved to be elusive! My favorite mold is the Big Macintosh one since they look the most like regular equines. ^^

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A not so happy discovery :c

For a little over a year, some of my Pokemon figures went missing (about 5 total). Last week I found 4 out of the 5 of them and all were as they were before...except for my Ninetales Tomy figure.

I am pretty upset about this since much of the damage is to her face. I'm figuring i'm going to have to probably buy a new one and just keep this one as is or use her as a shiny repaint. Do any of you guys know if this sort of damage can be fixed?

I am not that skilled of a painter so I wouldn't be able to repair this myself. v_v
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Today I took an updated photo of the Pokemon area of my room:

This isn't including my Poochyena & Mightyena Collection, Oshawott Line Collection or my really big eeveeloution plushies. They all have separate areas in my room.

I finally got my Tomy fennekins,speaking of which. ^^ Only the keychain size is on the shelf though. Late last summer I bought an extra Target "Itso" cube to store upcoming MPC plush. Right now it has all my non-gen 5 ones in it + all of my tomy figures. Once I get more MPC plush, i'll put the Tomy Figures back with the other figures and stuff.

Unfortunately,as you can see I am running out of room for larger plushies. For now they are all in my disc chair, any ideas for where else to put them? lol

I can't put anything on the other side or bird seed will get all over them. <_<;