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Last night,something kind of scary happened. I trimmed cody's claws/nails and one of them got cut to the quick, this isn't just painful as it is but the bleeding it causes can be quite harmful to birds. I had one of those pen-type things meant for stopping this kind of bleeding but I was still worried about him for awhile:

He wasn't putting weight on that foot a lot,and yes that is a trail of blood on his perch. ;_;

But then I checked on him this morning and he was all better! Here is a picture I took of him today (its hard to get pics of him sometimes because he likes to move around):

I also took a video of him,please ignore the "Ow" at the end, he bit the camera and my finger since I was holding said camera. -.-
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I took this little video on Friday (I got a snow-day!):

It just shows Cookie and Mimi looking around the stream area I sometimes walk them too, it is particularly interesting in the snow. :3

Also, look at who I just won on ebay!:

I had wanted a Kovu plushie and found this guy for cheap, and the seller is not far from here at all so he should be getting here shortly. <3